"Song For a New America"
By Bart Boyce


This performance, accompanied by Gary Yokie on guitar and vocals, was videoed at the Artery in Houston, Texas. Enjoy and "tell a friend."


Song For a New America

A song should be a sculpted work
Our country is now the clay
Seems like its time to make a new start
Because the change is going to come someday
The foundation of our nation was built on freedom
The strongest on the face of the earth
But the child's grown old , our liberty sold
Seems like the time to have a second birth
do you think its time  ( x3 )
for a New America
Business could exist for the good of the people
Instead of the priviledged elite
Why try to soak the wealth of other nation's
If we really want to help them back on their feet
Have you ever tried to buy a friend
So he could help you in a fight
Or is it better just to lend a hand
For a cause thats just and right ?
Its you and me who pay for this joke
Decisions made at our own expense
I'm not advocating isolation
What ever happened to common sense
Charity always begins at home
There are people starving here with no hope
But the change is gonna come and its gonna be soon
Cause everybody's hanging at the end of their rope !
Take care of our own
Share freely what we have
Legalize the herb
Allow total freedom of the word
End the need for power
Protect mother nature
Use the media to teach
Instead of selling worthless goods
Take care of the aged and the sick
The crazy and the poor
And lead the way into an age
Where violence is no more ...