IA4P.com Mission Statement

IA4P- i find myself in front of a blank computer screen, a word processing document of some sort, trying to capture the thread of how i got here ...and how the reader would put all into a perspective more spherical than vanishing point ....and how i was suggesting homo sapiens was becoming something else...homa cyber-aquarius (?) ...the survivors gaining a new method of clearing in thought....the new species exhibiting peacefulness among other members of its species as a characteristic inherent in its own survival.

it may be easy for some to say inner-peace is a journey not a destination. for me, it is a very fragile path that has been nearly fatal and remains a day by day proposition. however, i feel wonderful today..... so wonderful, that i would not harm another sentient being by intent under any circumstance......

as i relax my body, i growingly become aware of all feeling and accept all pain....once i am totally "in the body," i am able to feel all emotions and bring them into the body. this takes some effort, but once achieved, i am able to feel all physical and emotional states and become aware that the thoughts that precipitate feelings become almost physical. simplistically.....physical reality<emotions<ideas<spirit.

when i reached the point that ideas became almost as concrete blocks., i became aware i had the ability to just throw the ones i didn't want away ....a more visual description of the "cancel/cancel" Silva method techniques. that leaves one at the basic pre-thought, heart or subconscious mind and its interface with spirit.

Delta level consciousness and the universe. And it is here that we must replace all fear with love.

so the center of the sphere of consciousness is peace. my peace . this is the sine qua non for me.

without serenity, peace, tranquility...my works will be without effect. how do i approach trying to explain it....Christ, Buddha,Lao-Tse, Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Emmet Fox,

Ghandi,....many paths....Sufi, Kabbala...the methods are many for the hero with a 1,000 faces, but they all reflect the divine connection...Eliade's sacred time....the garden of eden space....the connection of matter and spirit.

once this space is achieved (and this is a collection as large and lost as the Alexandrian Library and as near as drop of water or a sizzle of steam or finding two identical snowflakes)

you and i must reflect this space between us. next, we must create a relationship where all experience is possible as long as it reflects love on the spiritual level....peaceful kindness, helpful energy intellectually, nurturing strong supportive emotional commitment and action that always remains absolutely non-violent.

this tat twam asi , namaste, Buber’s "i/thou" type reflection of greater Self and diminished ego will provide the basis for larger groups.

what a dream ...what a dreamer ...how impossible to effect..or even begin....

how do we do it? by doing it individually, now. by working on it with total focus now. and then we fail and we must return our focus now. for all we really have is this instant. this nanosecond. we have now. and in it we may approach perfection or may fall far off the course. but we must return and return to accept the perfection of the now relentlessly until it becomes lifemantra.

and where to begin but everywhere at once.....on a political level....all nations to end any acts of violence immediately...the United States of America first and foremost if we are to "lead the way into an age, where violence is no more." every nation to begin complete disarmament. no exceptions. no more retaliation will be understood....apologies and amends only. i am at peace with myself and only love will be allowed. no more violence.

and on an economic level....superiority must be replaced by parity. no more millionaires. no more consciousness of better than you. more than you. i am only as strong as my weakest link, my poorest enemy.

to conquer must be totally surplanted by to serve. my worth is only real by what i bring to you.

on a religious level.....man has grown and developed in so many areas....from Christianity to the Moslem nations to Falon Gong a total acceptance of one another's spiritual worship must exist beginning right now.

absolutely every religious system has a spiritual basis ....no valid spiritual system has violence in any dimension of its system.... as homa cyber-aquarius a new love and tolerance must be fostered as we go deeper as a race in exploring that Power that is so much infinitely greater than ourselves. anthropomorphic models have only brought us human results

on an ecological level....every person on this planet must begin to feel part of the earth in more profound and deepening ways if we are to survive and then flourish again....our proper place must be respected....the seas must abound with life again...the skies must be unpolluted....energy sources must be developed that are successful alternatives for fossil fuel....mega-corporate profit think must be ended and Schumacherian small is beautiful concepts of dealing with the local indigenous realities must be implemented now...nature should be cherished and preserved at every turn and at every expense....every species must be cherished…..water must be free for all …..

On dreamer…..the path…..the thread…..how did we come here?…..from a road that ended in a catastrophic wreck….an act that ended one life….with a man on the frozen ground, getting kicked in the head…his clothes ripped off of him, homeless, penniless, destitute and a plaintive cry to God ….to be lifted from this mortal coil…..and then a path….with a synchronistic alacrity of complete deflation, total abandon to the Higher Intelligence, a completely honest evaluation, humble confession, reparation of the previous holographic experience and the necessary choice of a life of service.

somewhere between the realms of implicate and explicate realities of atomic formulation…..somewhere in the study of Schroedinger’s Cat and the Heisenberg Principle…..somewhere in the prismatic spectrum of color and light choice and the vibrational experience we exist through…..a co-created universe takes place where all things possible in our dream are possible and a predetermined logic gives us choice in a nanosecond by nanosecond fashion. free-will and determinism co-exist.

and these babies were raised in a space of freedom and of choice…..love was expected and not fear…..

they learned playing with one another in music, art and song……there seemed to be no video games of mindlessly lazer-zapping cyber beings….food was raised fresh from Mother Earth and all had the pleasure of participating in the process at some point……games were played for the fun of the game….the dance of chance and without violent intent….no $90Million contracts here…but winning and losing both were fun…..families took care of not only their own but of others…in fact, Humanity seemed like one giant family ……it had taken a near miracle……a man volunteered to attempt to quell the seemingly ceaseless fighting between Israelis and Palestinians…..and it took days and days ….to strip it down and work the path….but finally Peace emerged…..and both sides completely lay down their weapons……and then religious leaders from both sides worked together on forming a synthesis of doctrine ….this began a chain reaction with the corporate heads of large multinational corporations…..a new standard was set amongst them that placed less value on a bottom line than on the value the corporation could contribute to the overall world good……businesses raced to see what they could contribute to quality of life, health, harmony, peace, hope, faith, integrity and brotherly and sisterly love. Everything was accepted in this metamorphosis of humanity as long as it bore the distinctive characteristic of absolute non-violence. in this changing of focus, interdisciplinary activities became more important than independent departmental successes. the "think tank" idea was resurrected and an unrestricted type of freedom of information attitude became accepted. amazingly enough, there were types of energy available that had been shelved for years by large corporations….not just solar and wind but electro-magnetic, Tesla-related ideas just awaiting development and implementation. apparently the AMA and pharmaceutical companies were also withholding development of ideas and treatments that would save millions of lives.

he had seen something in his life before….that had left a powerful memory…..a motivational speaker, Dr.Jerry Teplitz speaking to a group of 1,000 realtors in a very upscale Realtor@ luncheon…….the Dr. had paired people off, with one person closing their eyes and turned away from a screen on stage….pictures of three men were shown to the viewing partner …in each case…ALL 500 arms were either locked in strength perpendicular to the " blind" person’s body or went down to their side with no resistance, depending on the picture of the person being shown in response to the question, "is this person helpful or harmful to humanity?’ Ghandi, Martin Luther King…the arms stayed straight up. Hitler, the arms, to a person, went down. this simple kinesiological demonstration was even more amazing due to the fact that if individuals in this fairly right-wing, bigoted assemblage had been asked to consciously espouse MLK, many would not have done so….this left me to believe that the human body does have a type of receptor/conductor type of ability in which the subconscious wiring* seems to actually know* the truth that exists beyond our physical mind . maybe there really is a type of litmus test for human research in a variety of important areas …at least, it bears a thorough investigation….utilizing the expertise of a Dr. Goodheart, a Dr. Gil, University of Illinois and Sul Ross Universities along with specialists in neuropsychological studies, biology, psychology etc., a think-tank could possibly devise testing on directional probabilities akin to those suggested by Dr. David R. Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force and in his work with Linus Pauling, , Orthomolecular Psychiatry. a tool to act as divining rod for the truth in human scientific exploration may be as close as something we have looked at daily since the day we are born. a tool to rocket the advancement of human consciousness faster than sapiens can keep up with at this point……homa cyber-aquarius…..

so what if a group of artists, with one over-riding goal, that of preserving the human race became convinced that the one quintessential element of their effort was absolute non-violence. what if they began this effort on every level simultaneously…..personally and in every institution and organization they interacted with?

what if this organization realized that everyman is an artist? every soul , in fact, every sentient being worth love, respect and protection? what if the tools that exist today were implemented with a degree of intelligence, skill and compassion for the sake of education and spiritual growth, rather than fiscal profit?

in this dream, people begin communicating with one another honestly …..as an essential for human existence….water, air, food, human connectivity/love…….even if the kinesiological litmus test yields limited results…even if the path for personal recovery is beneficial in partial success…..even if the dream of an organization that will focus and connect all other organizations humbly working for peaceful solutions in their respective goals of earth preservation, human health, animal rights, science/mind exploration, psychological/sociological models for effectiveness and peace, spiritual acceptance, racial harmony and sexual balance utilizing ever advancing technological communication techniques, only serves as a model for further electronic societal networking organizations? then, this organization, still will carry in it a seed for future dreamers to dream of an ever changing species of human being….a race that will take its peaceful place among all other advanced species when contact is made…

so it is through this experience, this path, this thread, this dream….that we humbly ask you to begin your own unique work and journey with the INTERGALACTIC ARTISTS FOR PEACE.